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Here are 10 memes that all students will find relatable

Have you ever seen a meme that just screams relatable? Memes and gifs have become increasingly popular over the past few years with people sharing these relatable images across social media. Here are 10 memes that all students can appreciate (and that you can share with your fellow classmates!)

1. The Post-Test Lightbulb:

Meme of dog looking at a ball

This one has likely happened to everyone. You cram the night before a test and in the morning your brain is filled with these random facts. You get to a question on the test, and just like that, you completely blank! Of course, as your professor comes around and collects your test, the answer immediately comes to you like clockwork. It happens to the best of us.

2. The Pre-Finals Struggle:

Sleep is for the weak, right? WRONG! Sleep is extremely important for memory, cognitive function, and overall wellbeing, but sometimes it can feel like there’s just no time for it. If you’ve gone through college or university exams, you have likely crammed all night at least once, and if you haven’t well kudos to you.

3. Because You Can Never Be Too Sure:

This may be one of the most relatable memes for everyone. If you have a calculator, why wouldn’t you use it? After all, how do you really know what 5+3 equals unless you’re triple checking?

4. College Student Starter Pack

Ahh, the telltale signs of a college student. Netflix, endless amounts of microwavable ramen noodles, an empty wallet, and bottled water (with a high chance of empty water bottles piling up under your bed and around your room.) The craziest thing about this is that the college student starter pack is eerily similar to the young adult post-grad starter pack. Embrace it.

5. When You Just Wanted to Go to College But Instantly Regret it

Do you remember complaining about homework in elementary school, or even high school? Don’t you wish you could just go back and embrace the demands that were recess, gym class, and art class? Billy Madison got it right when he said, “Stay here as long as you can.”

6. The Anonymous Revenge Movement

Everyone has or will experience a less than helpful professor in their post-secondary education. This is a tough spot to be in because you can’t argue with your instructor without potentially ruining your chances of receiving a good grade. What you can do, however, is rally your classmates to give their honest, unbiased opinions on the professor’s teaching style in the annual teacher evaluations that most school’s conduct. Revenge has never felt so sweet.

7. The Look

Picture of Mr. Bean

Group work can be stressful and no one wants to risk not locking down their go-to partner the moment a new project is assigned. In situations where the professor says, “you will need to work with a partner on this assignment,” we’ve all make this Mr. Bean smirk.

8. Procrastination at its Best

Picture of muppet and darth vador muppet

As with most tasks in life, you may find yourself mentally and physically preparing yourself to actually begin studying. The moment you miss your set study time? The obvious answer is to push it back a full hour. Hopefully 8:01 doesn’t roll around too quickly!

9. The Realities of “Financial Aid”

Girl with tears on her face due to financial pressures of school

This is a common reality for many students. You spend a significant amount of time filling out your financial aid forms only to find out you don’t qualify because your parent or guardian’s income is just too high — but not high enough that they’re going to help you pay for college! Relatable.

10. When You Literally Can’t Even

Kim Kardashian in bed worried

If you have a full course load, there’s a good chance this happens to you at least once every semester. Why be proactive in organizing your to-do list with personal deadlines and a plan to succeed when you can lay there and literally do nothing instead?

Post-secondary is a time full of stress, angst, financial struggle, and tons of exhaustion that everyone in the same situation can relate to! That is the beauty of living a student life. It is a rollercoaster ride of an experience but the end result is always worth it. Are any of these memes just too relatable? Check out our services to see what we can do to help!