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A cover letter is a letter of introduction attached to a résumé, or curriculum vitae. They are typically the first thing an employer sees when reviewing your job application and as such, can make or break your chances of standing out.

A good cover letter typically has the following characteristics:

● It knows who it’s addressed to. It is always a good idea to know who you are addressing a letter to, where possible. Knowing the name of a recruiter, or hiring manager and addressing your letter directly to them adds an immediate personal touch that can go a long way.

● It’s personalized. It’s a lot of work, but every cover letter you send out should be personalized for that business, or person. Hiring managers can smell a generic cover letter and it signals a lack of effort.

● No longer than one page. The people reviewing your job application are busy and likely have a long list of job applicants to go through. A cover letter over one page in length, unless specified by the employer, will likely be ignored.

● Don’t simply repeat your previous work experience. A good cover letter draws a potential employer in by being unique and to the point. Instead of simply restating your previous employment, be more general. Let an employer know why your specific combination of personal and professional experience would add value to the position you are applying for.

● Be thankful. Signing out at the end of your letter should involve thanking whoever (whether you know their name or not) took the time to read what you wrote.

People are busy, especially hiring managers and HR employees, and a quick “thank you for your time and consideration,” can make a difference between a call or email back.

Our talented writing staff at Homework Help USA can help you develop and write a personalized, attractive, and easy to read cover letter for all your professional or employment needs. Our writers have excellent written communications skills and know how to structure a letter based on industry, discipline and the letter’s audience, building you a high-quality, customized cover letter.


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