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Business Plans / Analysis / SWOT / PESTEL / Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

Online Business Plan Writing Services

Every entrepreneur needs a business plan in order to think objectively about all of the opportunities that their business is able to exploit and all of the pitfalls and dead-ends to avoid.

A quality business plan has a number of elements:

● An introduction

● A description of the company’s business activities

● An industry analysis including a Porter’s five forces analysis

● A mission statement and core values

● A management plan

● A research, design, development, and production section

● A marketing plan and strategy

● An adequate and up-to-date market analysis

● A financial plan

● A strengths-weaknesses-opportunities-threats analysis (SWOT), and, where appropriate,

● A political-economic-social-technological-legal-environmental (PESTEL) and financial analysis

A business plan displays its contents in an objective way, as well presents brief arguments which prove that its goals are realistic in terms of the internal capabilities of the company and the realities of the market.

A business plan also contains a general presentation of products or services which the company hopes to provide, including a detailed focus on product pricing, management, and financing.

Our writers have years of experience putting together successful business plans, both academically and professionally. They are familiar with the theoretical knowledge required to produce high quality work that engages with course material and relevant research to produce something that investors, and professors alike will respect.

We can help highlight the strengths of your business and demonstrate how they can be fully exploited while mitigating the impact of its weaknesses. We are able to utilize the information you give us to create valuable appendices to the business plan, calculating and forecasting important financial ratios and concepts that lend added credibility and professionalism to the work.

Contact Homework Help USA today to discuss how we can add value to the creation of your business plan, whether for school, or in your professional life.


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