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Individual Theories Coursework Writing Services

Individualistic theories of crime examine crime as a phenomenon which is fundamentally linked to the human individual, and locates the source of crime within certain personality traits or thinking processes in an individual, or some mixture of both. Individual theories within the study of criminal behaviour focus on the notion that some people are born with inherent criminal predispositions, and have a constitutional (physical or mental) inclination towards committing criminal activity. These theories also promote the idea that criminals use the same process of analysis and decision making that law abiding citizens do when going about their daily affairs, signifying that the individual decision to engage in or commit crime is based on individual balancing principles as opposed to defined external sociological factors. Individual theories of crime have roots that return to Cesare Lombroso, in particular his identification of physical and biological characteristics which affect our interpretations of and understanding of not only learned social behaviour and existing environmental structures, but also the dimensions of criminal activity.

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