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Marxist Criminology Writing Services

Marxist criminology is one of the schools of criminology which adheres to similar principles as the school of structural functionism. Marxist criminology focuses on factors which promote concentrated stability and continuity within society, but unlike the functionalist school, adopts a predefined political philosophy. It investigates – much like conflict criminology – the reasons and ways by which things change in society, identifying disruptive forces in industrialized societies and how society can become fractioned due to overabundances of power, wealth, prestige, and skewed world perceptions. Marxist criminology is concerned with the causal relationships between society and crime, in particular one’s immediate social environment with criminal disposition or conditions. It is closely tied with the economic principles laid out by Karl Marx, who argued that law and legislature is the vehicle and mechanism by which one social class becomes the ruling elite and keeps all other classes in a downtrodden and disadvantaged state such that they cannot realize their subjugation.

Marxist criminology endeavours to explain why some acts are viewed and defined as deviant and criminal whereas others are not, and is primarily interested in areas of political crime, state crime, and state-corporate crime. At Homework Help USA, our experts investigate the continuing relevance of Marxism to critical criminology, and are capable of crafting well written essays offering a wide-ranging analysis of the relation of criminology with class formation and structure, the production process as shaping construction of various classes as well as a concomitant power structure, and the translation of economic power into judicial and political authority. Trust the experts at Homework Help USA – get a quote now!


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