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Canadian History Writing Services

The history of Canada covers the period of Canada’s origins and conception of political autonomy, from the arrival of Paleo-Indians thousands of years ago, through the secession of French and British colonies from the Commonwealth, and into the present day. Canadian history in proper terms begins around the close of the 15th century, when French and British expeditions explored and settled the New World territory of the Atlantic Coast. After the ceding of all French colonies in North America to Britain as a result of the Seven Years’ War, and with the unification of several British North American colonies due to Confederation, Canada was formed as a federal dominion of four provinces.

Over time, Canada as a nation accrued increasing political autonomy from the British Empire until achieving independent sovereignty with the completion of the Canada Act in 1982. Over time, Canada has developed into a dynamic and myriad melting pot of different cultures and elements from French, British, and Aboriginal customs, and has supported socioeconomic development, improved and wide-reaching health care systems, and multilateralism abroad. Canada has a rich, diverse, and multicultural heritage and history, having been inhabited by various tribes of Indigenous and Aboriginal peoples, European settlers, immigrants, and visitors from other cultures and nationalities.

At Homework Help USA, our experts are familiar with the social and political changes and developments that have shaped Canada as a nation, and are capable of crafting thought-provoking and informative essays which examine a variety of issues throughout the growth and development of the country. These include Canada within a period of French Colonialism, the British conquest, Industrial Revolution and the Confederation, the World Wars and the Cold War, the emergence of the women’s movement, lobbies of visible minority groups and Native peoples, the Quebec independence movement, and initiatives of regional resistance to perceived federal agendas which view the United States as the standard of political, economic, and cultural attunement with which Canada as a sister nation must be aligned. Trust the experts at Homework Help USA – get a quote now!


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