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Religious Studies

The term “religion” originates from the Latin noun “religio”, that was nominalized from one of three verbs: “relegere” (to turn to constantly/observe conscientiously); “religare” (to bind oneself [back]); and “reeligere” (to choose again). Religious studies is an academic field of multi-disciplinary, secular study of religious beliefs, behaviours, and institutions. As an academic discipline, religious studies originated in the nineteenth century when scholarly and historical analysis of the Bible had flourished, and Hindu and Buddhist texts were first being translated into European languages. The disincline also draws upon others and their methodologies including anthropology, sociology, psychology, philosophy and history. At Homework Help USA, our experts are able to describe, compare, interpret, and explain various religious polemics, symbols and texts, emphasizing systematic, historically based, and cross-cultural perspectives.

Given the diverse intellectual foundation and background of religious studies, our experts at Homework Help USA understand that there exists a big difference between religious studies and theology, whereby the latter tends to emphasize the role of the scholar as first and foremost a believer employing both logic and scripture as evidence. Given the difference between theology and religious studies, our diverse range of scholars are able to apply critical and relevant interdisciplinary considerations to formulate new and original essays, often in a comparative perspective.

Our specialists explore themes in western and eastern spirituality including considerations for justice, law, mercy, marriage, the family and human rights. In terms of methodology, our experts at Homework Help USA are able to use phenomenology and functionalism as a way to approach religious studies in a critical and original manner.


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