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Welsh Literature

Welsh literature includes any literature which originating from Wales or that is written by a Welsh writer. This includes Welsh-language literature, comprising works written in the Welsh language, which emerged as a distinct and separate form from Brythonic between the 5th and 6th centuries, and Anglo-Welsh literature, which comprises works written in the English language by Welsh writers. Due to the prevalence of English in the modern literary tradition, much of written Welsh literature is unknown outside of its own borders; however, Anglo-Welsh writers such as Dylan Thomas and Emyr Humphries whose first language was English and who produce works in English are much more well-known throughout the literary world.

Due to the need to institute a separate kind of identity from that of English colonial perspectives, Welsh writers came into a tradition of favouring the short story over the novel format. Welsh writers tended to lack sufficient financial support to establish themselves and as such amateur writings tended to lend themselves more to short creative vignettes and poetic expression. Satire was also generally avoided, since it was utilized within the greater schema of British and Irish literature, and instead Welsh literature focused on the metropolitan and colonial considerations of the Welsh lifestyle.

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