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Descriptive Linguistics Writing Services

Descriptive Linguistics aims to describe language in synchronic time (not necessarily the present – can be treated and linguistic patterns of any period). In the strictest sense, the term descriptive linguistics is used for graying US Linguists such as, for example, Bloomficld (1887-1949), who studied languages American Indians, using the technique of field work, and in particular terminology adapted to the system of language that is being investigated. From a theoretical standpoint, it is associated with psychological and cognitive parameters.

In terms of structure, descriptive linguistics contain accurate and truthful information, and are therefore that the language used in the narrative of informational text is objective, consistent, direct and use of language resources such as metaphor, proverbs prohibits, among other that can lead readers to double interpretations.

The main function of descriptive linguistics is to present a good informative content with neat, clear and explanatory as possible ideas that allow the reader to understand the text, so it is very important the use of examples, references and bibliographical sources and the perfect use of punctuation: commas, periods, stress and the use of connectors to explain consequences, purpose, causes, and so on.

However, you must use a vocabulary related to the topic dealt with in the text, you must use the right words to all types of readers can perceive the statement made by the writer or, alternatively use the right words for the public for whom the text. Also, within an informative text can be seen other types of texts such as narrative, expository, descriptive in order to achieve greater clarity in the writing.

For a better understanding of the above, we can see two main types of informational texts : journalistic texts and scientific texts. The first narrate what happens in the world political, social and economic level also describes real events as they happened, in turn, the latter are those that serve to publicize the results of a scientific study, for example : advances in systems to detect cancer, advances in treatments for leukemia, among others. Trust the experts at Homework Help USA, get a quote now.


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