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European History Writing Services

The history of Europe covers the development of the European continent from prehistoric times to the current day, and studies the rise and function of the modern European state in its various forms, as well as Europe’s relationship with the rest of the world in terms of colonialism, imperialism, decolonization, and global interdependence. European history navigates the intellectual, cultural, and social developments that occurred throughout Europe’s development as well as their influence in shaping European social values and political standards. As a field it also includes developments in various ideologies and structures of socio-economic or political thought throughout Europe, such as socialism, liberalism, communism, and nationalistic identity.

European history also has many branching interdisciplinary connections with other historical domains, and as a field considers major events and figures throughout the European past like Napoleon and the French Revolution, global politics in the wake of World War II, the rise and fall of the Soviet Union, Europe in the barbarian ages, and the making and development of modern France. European history accounts for the complex interrelations between political revolution, cultural development, demographic change, and ideological movements.

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