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This coexistence of multiple languages within a given geographical area denotes a linguistic diversity, a concept used to refer to the coexistence of a group of communities speaking different languages across the same region or territory. Languages are fluid and tend not to be contained by geographic boundaries, implying that the conditions exist to promote and facilitate the preservation and mutual respect of the coexisting languages across geopolitical borders. Even so, they are geographically divided, in this sense that regions where one language predominates can be characterized by the geography of evolutionary linguistics, formed as political and territorial units over time, possibly subjected to the processes of colonization, or have had a strong cultural influence from a foreign powers.

Most of the languages spoken in the world are found on Asian and African continents, due to their population numbers and cultural diversity, meaning the places where linguistic communities of different cultures interact with the use of mutually understood languages. Languages that have originated from the same root, by definition belong to the same linguistic family, which are, then, divided further into subgroups.

The existence of a large number of historical and indigenous languages have, as a result of globalization and the cultural importance of lingua franca, been under threat of extinction. Currently, there are more than 6,000 languages spoken in the world, however, over 50% are said to be in danger of disappearing over the next few decades.

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