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Hebrew Coursework Writing Services

Hebrew language, which belongs to the group of Semitic languages, and is considered to be of the Afro-Asian family, uses a Hebrew script which consists of 22 letters. Known as ‘Hebrew’ only for the past 130 years, and previously called the ‘Jewish language’ externally, and a ‘Saint language’ internally by jews, it is mentioned in the New Testament.

Ancient Hebrew is the original language in which the Bible was written, and is considered a Biblical language, and the language of the Judah and Isaiah. A unique characteristic of this language is that it was documented to have been in active use for approximately 200 years after the birth of Christ, and remained to serve as the language of the prayers, and some written religious documents. So, for a few hundred years, the Hebrew language was not native to anyone, nor has anyone used it in everyday speech, after which it has been revitalized. Historically, and anthropologically, it has followed a similar trajectory as today’s Latin language, which has been successfully applied through language education in schools and higher learning for scientific and legal purposes.

Unlike Latin, the situation with the Hebrew language began to change in the early 20th century, when forceful tactics of revitalization began, resulting in modern Hebrew becoming a mother-tongue of approximately 5 million people. It has successfully achieved what no other language has: it was brought back from dormancy and near extinction, a few centuries after it had died, and has, thus, once again become an active and spoken language, and an official language of Israel.

Studies in Hebrew language can be applied to research and origins of its unique scripture, the significance of its guttural pronunciations, tenseless grammar and verbal forms, and contextual rules. Research can also be applied to the analysis of ancient religious texts, and their enduring significance. Trust the experts at Homework Help Canada, get a quote now.


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