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Second-Language Acquisition Writing Services

Second-language acquisition is the study of the complex process of the brain activity that includes listening, speaking, reading and writing of a language other than the basis language, or first language proficiency. According to linguistics experts, it can be ‘acquired’, or systematically learned through the study the rules of the language, its structure and vocabulary.

This specific discipline concerns the process by which a language is acquired, especially in comparison to the process of passive and active acquisition of mother tongue (such as in the case of children and evolutionary language acquisition), and additional language development, bilingualism, and multilingualism. Many factors influence the process of acquiring a second language, including exposure to the language, and the mode of learning, as well as psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic dispositions.

Linguists believe that confidence plays a great role in learning a second language than it does to learning any other subject, as those who lack confidence may be afraid to make mistakes, which is an integral part of learning any new subject, thus this can be studied under a field of psychology.

Moreover, they maintain that age and cognitive linguistics play an important role, which is why people are more efficient at acquiring languages when they are younger, and require no special methodology, other than repetition and practice. The study of second-language acquisition also helps analyze the effectiveness of memorization, exposure, and other language acquisition methodologies, of which exposure to places where the language is spoken exclusively is deemed one of the most successful methods. Our experts are able to conduct research and apply the findings in reporting and analysis over a range of stated disciplines. Trust the experts at Homework Help Canada, get a quote now.


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